About Us

GE Healthcare aims to reach the 5.8 billion people in the emerging world with little to no access to healthcare through the development of disruptive, low-cost technologies and healthcare delivery systems. A critical element missing in the emerging economies across the world is an inclusive, sustainable healthcare solution that addresses the healthcare needs of the general populace. The challenge to efficient delivery of good-quality healthcare is the absence of skilled and well-trained Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). The availability of such HCPs is worryingly low and the demand is persistently rising. Since the healthcare requirements in emerging economies tend to be life-critical, it is imperative that the issue be resolved at the earliest. With the vision to improve access to quality and affordable health around the world, GEHCI will work with governments, clinicians, private operators and NGOs to deliver valuable training and up-skilling solutions aimed at improving outcomes for health systems and patients.

This is the raison detre of GE Healthcare Institute. The team was founded to provide continuous training to healthcare professionals across the world. With this aim to provide skill-enhancement programs for HCPs, GE Healthcare Institute has already launched over 25 programs in multiple care areas including radiology, cardiology, critical care, fetal medicine and leadership training across Africa, India and South-East Asia in over 10 locations.

As a part of this initiative, GEHCI has launched an online portal which hosts a comprehensive suite of training offerings for Healthcare Professionals across several care areas. The online courses are designed such that users can self-pace their training. Viewers can examine the detailed curriculum, faculty details and also see a demo video of each course to ensure that it meets their needs. The participants can thus choose the courses that are suitable for their requirements and advance their skills in the specific focus area.


  • To create and up-grade the skilled workforce in healthcare industry, especially in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities across the emerging economies of the world.
  • To set up multiple institutes across Africa, India & South East Asia, offer skill creation & enhancement courses.
  • Use technology to increase reach and provide better quality of healthcare in remote areas.


Leader's Desk

"GE Healthcare has a long history in supporting education and training to drive improved health outcomes."

In 2015, we made an announcement of a $1 billion investment in this area by 2020 that will result in the training of over 2 million clinicians and allied health professionals, and is expected to benefit over 300 million patients. Investment in education and training can be overlooked, but is vital in building a sustainable healthcare system. By equipping local talent with the training and expertise on medical procedures and safe surgery, GE Healthcare is empowering local clinicians to raise the standards of healthcare from the inside-out, and drive greater positive health outcomes in their countries.

Terri Bresenham,

Vice President and CEO, GE Healthcare SHS (Africa, ASEAN, India)

A simple, yet powerful idea: to continuously train healthcare professionals for relentless improvement in healthcare delivery.

GE Healthcare Institute (GEHCI) was founded on the basis of this precise idea. GEHCI is a motley team of global leaders from various spheres in the healthcare industry – a potent combination that puts us in an advantageous position to share and grow the global best practices in healthcare delivery. GEHCI is uniquely poised to partner healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals across the spectrum of their training needs.

Marut Setia,

Head - Education & Professional Services, GE Healthcare SHS-Solutions

"It will help to reduce the skills gap, improve job prospects and build a solid healthcare system."

The GE Healthcare Institute will not only help to ensure that the healthcare workforce across SHS receives critical training to optimize the full features and benefits of newest healthcare equipment, but in the future, it will support the development of a pipeline of biomedical engineers, radiologists and technicians. This commitment to healthcare capacity building will help to reduce the skills gap, improve job prospects and build a solid healthcare system and also the private healthcare sector.

Farid Fezoua,

President & CEO, GE Healthcare Africa

Through this platform we can reach customers in the remotest corners and help them deliver better healthcare outcomes.

I am really excited about leveraging the LMS to help broad-base our Education portfolio. This tool is a result of 1 year of hard work by the Education team to develop customer centric platform and content. I encourage our internal teams to leverage it and help the customers make better use of GE technology. Through this platform we can reach customers in the remotest corners and help them deliver better healthcare outcomes.

Milan Rao,

CEO, GE Healthcare, GE India - HC

Holistic solutions for accessible and affordable care start with education and skills development at the core.

In combination with our cutting edge technologies built for affordable care delivery, our education services ensure sustainability of use, efficacy of care and better business and patient outcomes. Holistic solutions for accessible and affordable care start with education and skills development at the core. We look forward to partnering with you to make you even more successful at what you do....saving lives.

Vikram Damodaran,

GM - Affordable Healthcare Platforms - SHS, SHS-HQ

"The online platform will enable us to meet the training needs of larger number of medical professionals in emerging countries and equip them in meeting their healthcare goals."

Our education solution is in line with our strategy for growth and to provide access to healthcare to a large population of the world. We will continue to support an educated and informed health workforce to provide the best health services to populations worldwide and to achieve the best possible health for all.

Aarif Aziz,

Head of Human Resources-India, ASEAN and Africa at GE Healthcare