X-Ray: Production and Biologic Effects

This training program is designed to help you understand the radiation data and dose reports used in your institutions.

X-rays: Production and Biological Effects
  • Rs.1,000


The first segment of this program explains the components of X-ray production and the second segment examines the factors that influence the biological response to ionizing radiation in both diseased and healthy tissues.

After completing this program, you should be able to:

  1. Compare bremsstrahlung and characteristic radiation.

  2. Discuss x-ray generator circuit design.

  3. Exlain the factors affecting x-ray emission.

  4. Recognize the factors influencing biological response to ionizing radiation.


This program specifically targets radiologic technologists and nuclear medicine technologists. Radiologists, cardiologists, other technologists, and medical personnel concerned with ionizing radiation also may benefit from viewing this program.


  1. Production of X-rays

  2. Biological Effects of Radiation