RS: Foundations of Radiologic Science

This training program, put together by the DoseWatch team at GE Healthcare, is desgined to help you understand radiation data and the dose reports used in your institutions.

Foundations of Radiologic Science
  • Rs.500


GE’s marketing materials indicate that the DoseWatch dose management solution can be the cornerstone of a comprehensive, proactive radiation management program. Using data acquired from imaging systems, DoseWatch retrieves, tracks, reports, and monitors the radiation dose delivered to patients during an examination and presents this data in an organized manner. Multi-modality and multi-manufacturer, it can be adopted in any imaging program.

After completing this program, you should be able to:

  1. Discuss the physical properties of ionizing radiation that contribute to patient radiation dose.

  2. Explain atomic nomenclature.

  3. Summarize the ways that radiation interacts with matter.

  4. Recognize definitions that are associated with radioactivity.


The course objectives specifically target Radiologic Technologists Nuclear Medicine Technologists Radiologists, and Cardiologist.


  1. Introduction to DoseWatch

  2. Basic Science Review

  3. Interaction of Radiation With Matter

  4. Radioactivity