Nuts and Bolts of X- Ray Interpretation

This educational session provides nurses with the basic information necessary to evaluate films and detect changes and/or abnormalities, while keeping in mind the importance of clinical assessment and correlation. Interactive discussion follows each x-ray review

Nuts and Bolts of X- Ray Interpretation
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The ability to read and interpret radiographs is an important aspect of critical care practice and can often help expedite appropriate intervention. More than two billion x-rays are taken around the world each year. On a regular basis, nurses care for patients who undergo this common procedure.

By the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe steps for x-ray film interpretation.

  • Discuss factors that affect radiographic data quality.

  • Identify various anatomical structures.

  • Find and assess proper positioning of catheters, tubes, and devices.

  • Recognize typical diseases and pathological patterns.


The course objectives specifically target nurses, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians,


1. Basic Concepts
2. Chest and Pulmonary Anatomy
3. Radiographic Abnormalities: Pulmonary and Cardiac Disease
4. Lines, Tubes, Airways and Devices
5. When Things Go Wrong
6. The Radiologist Perspective