MR: MRI Safety Considerations

This program addresses the hazards inherent to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines for implanted cardiac devices (ICD), the effect of field strength on implants and devices as they pertain to patient safety, and situations that can cause patient and staff injury are also discussed.

MRI Safety Considerations
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Although magnetic resonance imaging does not employ ionizing radiation to create diagnostic images, there are certain considerations that everyone working it the MR environment must be aware of to keep themselves and the patients they serve out of harm's way. This presentation offers ways for technologists to bring up-to-date technology into daily practice.

After completing this program, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize specific terminology associated with MR safety labeling.

  2. Explain the multiple potential issues associated with strong magnetic fields.

  3. Discuss concepts of patient heating and special absorption rate (SAR).

  4. Categorize the key conditions associated with MRI exams performed on patients with pacemakers.


The target audience includes radiologic technologists who perform MR. Other imaging specialties also may benefit from material in this program.


  1. MR Safety Labeling

  2. Magnetic Fields

  3. Implants and Devices