MR: Gradient Echo Sequences

This training program for technicians takes a close look at the GRE sequences.

MR: Gradient Echo Sequences
  • Rs.500


This program examines the physics and most recent clinical applications of gradient echo (GRE) sequences and describes how GRE differs from spin echo (SE) sequences, along with its characteristics and types of GRE sequences.

By the end of this program, you should be able to:

1. Discuss how gradient echo sequences differ from spin echo sequences.

2. Describe the characteristics of gradient echo sequences.

3. Recognize the clinical significance of using gradient echo sequences.

4. Identify various types of gradient echo sequences.


This program specifically targets radiologic technologists who work in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Other imaging technologists and healthcare professionals may also benefit from viewing this program.


Gradient Echo vs. Spin Echo Sequences

Types of Gradient Echo Sequences