MR: Effects of the B1 Field: Thermal Considerations in MR Imaging

This program provides information about avoiding potential difficulties that may arise due to the thermal effects of the B1 field.

MR: Effects of the B1 Field: Thermal Considerations in MR Imaging
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The "missile effect" refers to the capability of the fringe field component of the static magnetic field of a magnetic resonance (MR) system to attract a ferromagnetic object, drawing it rapidly into the scanner by considerable force. Obviously, the missile effect can pose a significant risk to the patient inside the MR system and anyone who is in the path of the projectile. Furthermore, considerable damage to the MR system may result due to the impact of a ferromagnetic object. If imaging technologists do not pay careful attention to patient comfort and positioning, serious burns, often unnoticed by the technologist or patient, can occur as a result of interaction with the radio frequency (RF) or B1 field.

By the end of this program, you should be able to:
1. Define and discuss specific absorption rate (SAR).
2. Recognize factors that influence patient cooling.
3. Discuss the properties of electromagnetic waves.
4. Explain MR safety labeling conventions for implants and devices.


The course objectives specifically target MR technologists and radiologic technologists


Patient Heating
Device Heating