MR: Artifacts in MRI

This training program provides an indepth insight into identifying and eliminating artifacts.

MR: Artifacts in MRI
  • Rs.500


Bill Faulkner, noted magnetic resonance (MR) educator and consultant, reviews the cause, creation, and elimination of the most common artifacts produced when scanning with systems of various field strengths.

After completing this program, you should be able to:
1. Identify four major categories of MR imaging artifacts.
2. Explain the difference between physics artifacts, sampling artifacts, and equipment artifacts.
3. Recognize which artifacts may mimic pathology.
4. Evaluate the role of the imaging technologist in the elimination of artifacts.


This program specifically targets radiologic technologists working in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Other imaging technologists and healthcare professionals may also benefit from viewing this program.


Types of Artifacts
Sampling Artifacts
Instrumentation Errors
Operator Errors