Influencing Nursing Excellence

This program discusses the concept of excellence and explores the meaning of influence, along with its relationship to creating and sustaining excellence. Participants are encouraged to assess their own influencing skills and identify steps to increase those skills.

Influencing Nursing Excellence
  • Rs.500


Excellence is what nurses aspire to and what patients expect. When nurses practice at a level of excellence, it helps patients achieve the best possible outcome. How can nurses, individually and collectively, influence nursing practice and the systems they work in to ensure such excellence? 

By the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  • Increase the understanding of nurses’ influence in creating excellence in patient care.

  • Identify personal influencing abilities.

  • Discuss strategies to optimize personal influence.

  • Identify universal and personal examples of successful nurse influencers.


The course objectives specifically target nurses, nurse practitioners, hospital education coordinators, and
patient education directors. Other medical personnel may also benefit from viewing this program.


1. Excellence and Influence
2. Influence and You
3. Examples of Influencing Excellence in Nursing Practice