Impacting Organizational Change: Medication Error Elimination

This program provides knowledge and skills to better understand the change process and ways to effectively deal with changes on an organizational and personal level.

Impacting Organizational Change: Medication Error Elimination
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This program discusses methods to impact organizational change, with a focus on medication error elimination. Goals of successful change management and how to accomplish them are reviewed. This applies to individuals and organizations or facilities with many staff, as well as those with just a few staff. Developing change resiliency skills can help participants cope with change.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Discuss three theories/models of change that can be used when implementing organizational change.

2. List three factors impacting organizational change.

3. Identify qualities of a supportive organizational culture.

4. State the differences between transactional vs. transformational leadership.

5. Recognize the seven stages of personal concerns people experience during big changes.

6. Review best practices to address your own personal concerns.


The course objectives specifically target healthcare professional


1. Introduction

2. Organizational Change

3. Leadership

4. Personal Change

5. Leading the Change