Critical Thinking-Strategies for Decision Making

This training program helps sharpen your skills of critical thinking and select the most effective path.

Critical Thinking-Strategies for Decision Making
  • Rs.1,500


We live and work in a world of ever-accelerating change, where information is multiplying exponentially and job requirements are constantly shifting. More than ever, we must be able to reasonably challenge "standard operating procedure" or workflow processes. Faced with frequent choices about strategy and direction, health care employees today need the skills of critical thinking to choose the most effective path.

By the end of this program, the participants will be able:

  • Explain the differences between critical and non-critical thinking

  • Use strategies for improving the thinking necessary to make effective decisions at work

  • Evaluate the validity of arguments

  • Describe the role that evidence plays in supporting strong arguments and explanations

  • Demonstrate how to formulate effective explanations with solid information and reasoned hypotheses


The course objectives specifically target Nurses and Healthcare Providers.


1. Understanding Critical Vs. Non-critical Thinking
2. Recognizing and Evaluating Arguments
3. Developing and Evaluating Explanations