Labia Minora and Labia Minora Labiaplasty Procedures (ACOG Course)

This training program aims at providing indepth information on labia minora and labia minora labiaplasty.

Labia Minora and Labia Minora Labiaplasty Procedures (ACOG Course)
  • Rs.7,500


There are several reasons why labia minora and labia minora labiaplasty is important to gynecologists. It is often left unaddressed because of a lack of physician training or subject knowledge. It involves the female genitalia, and affects women’s daily lives. 

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• define labia minora anatomy, including labia minora, prepuce, clitoris, and frenulum
• describe issues women face seeking labiaplasty surgery
• describe issues physicians face when patients seek labiaplasty surgery
• address common patient questions and concerns about the topic of labia minora
• explain the available noninvasive and surgical interventions related to labia minora concerns
• recognize when to refer to a more experienced colleague for a second opinion or surgical intervention


The course objectives specifically target obstetricians and gynecologists.


1. Nomenclature and Anatomy
2. Causes of Labial Hypertropy
3. Controversies
4. Reasons Patients Seek Labiaplasty 
5. Non-invasive Options
6. Labiaplasty Techniques
7. Surgical Techniques
8. Risks and Complications
9. Informed Consent
10. Factors Affecting Results