Approaches to the Care of the Adolescent Patient (ACOG Course)

A training program on the various methods to care for an adolescent patient.

Approaches to the Care of the Adolescent Patient (ACOG Course)
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The major approaches to treating adolescent patient is to optimize the clinic for them; and balancing autonomy, consent, confidentiality, and safety. 

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Explain five techniques to promote an optimal adolescent–provider visit
• Summarize rationale for confidential visits and effective techniques to obtain a confidential reproductive health history from an adolescent patient
• Identify how to disclose the limits of confidentiality and how to handle disclosures that require reporting to child welfare or law enforcement
• Describe the epidemiology of adolescent sexual practices and the need for effective adolescent contraception
• Conduct comprehensive contraceptive counseling with adolescents using asset-based approaches, motivational interviewing, and shared decision-making principles
• Assess the indications, medical eligibility criteria, and efficacy of available contraceptive methods for adolescents


The course objectives specifically target obstetricians and gynecologists.


1. Optimizing the Clinic for Adolescents
2. Balancing autonomy, Consent, Confidentiality, and Safety
3. The Adolescent Health Visit
4. Obtaining the Best Psychological History
5. Talking to Teens: Tips and Tricks to Obtain Best History 
6. Additional Considerations
7. Case Studies I and II
8. Contraception for the Adolescents
9. LARC Options
10. Non-LARC Options
11. Case Studies III and IV