Ventilation Strategies

This program discusses ventilation strategies and selection of the most appropriate form of ventilation.

Ventilation Strategies
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For the critically ill or injured, mechanical ventilation is often used as a life-supporting and a life-saving measure. However, despite all of the benefits of this therapy, there are risks and potential complications for the patients. A thorough knowledge of the principles of mechanical ventilation is essential in providing safe and effective care to ventilated patients.  

By the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  • Define the key terms in mechanical ventilation.

  • List the types of ventilation.

  • Describe the characteristics and benefits of control and supportive modes of ventilation.

  • Evaluate basic graphics and scalars as they relate to compliance and resistance.


The course objectives specifically target nurses, nurse practitioners, hospital education coordinators, and
patient education directors. Other medical personnel may also benefit from viewing this program.


1. Working for the Patient – Ventilation Strategies
2. Key Terms
3. Mechanical Ventilation
4. Types of Ventilation
5. Support Modes