Trauma and critical care

This training program is designed to provide excellent trauma care

Trauma and critical care
  • Rs.500


Think about the complete chaos of trauma resuscitation, when you receive a victim of trauma in the emergency ward. The patient is totally unknown to the medical staff, their name, their medical history, the comorbidities, creating a very chaotic situation. This training program helps guide you through such situations.

By the end of this program, the participants should be able to 

  • Identify the subtle early symptoms of shock

  • Relate the issues of the trauma triad: acidosis, coagulopathy, and hypothermia

  • Discuss the ventilation strategies employed in critical trauma patients

  • Identify the key components of the chemistry and blood gas profile.


The course objectives specifically target nurses.


1. Trauma and Hemorrhagic Shock
2. The Lethal Triad
3. End Points in Resuscitation