Communication-Sounding the Alarm for Sepsis

Suspecting sepsis and communicating effectively are keys to improving patient care. This program reviews sepsis and why it is still difficult to provide ideal care for a sepsis patient. Current data about sepsis treatment is presented and role play video clips showing ineffective and effective communication are provided to enhance learning.

Communication-Sounding the Alarm for Sepsis
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Sepsis is a medical emergency that requires early detection and treatment for patient survival. Communication is critical when sepsis is suspected. Effective communication and teamwork are key factors to help deliver safe, high quality care to patients. Presently, once sepsis takes hold, up to one-third of patients die. Of those that do not die, many become seriously disabled.
By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

  •  Define sepsis and severe sepsis.

  •  Describe effective strategies when it is suspected that a patient has sepsis.

  •  Identify the challenges of effective communication for a healthcare team.

  •  Explain the ISBAR method of structured communication and apply it in clinical practice.


The target audience includes nurses and other healthcare professionals


1. Sepsis
2. Effective Communication