Adequacy of Anesthesia

A self-paced course, which provides an overview of the parameters that comprise the GE marketing concept adequacy of anesthesia.

Adequacy of Anesthesia
  • Rs.1,000


Adequacy of anesthesia is the concept, which provides tools to help the clinician to deliver optimal anesthesia to each patient.

By the end of this program, the participants should be able to

  • Define the two cortical components of Adequacy of Anesthesia (AoA) concept: Unconsciousness and Amnesia

  • Define the three subcortical components of AoA concept: Antinociception, Immobiltiy, Autonomic Stability

  • Define Entropy

  • Discuss the clinical indications for performing Entropy measurement

  • Describe the three Entropy parameters: Response Entropy (RE), State Entropy (SE), and Burst Suppression Ratio (BSR)

  • Describe Neuromuscular Transmission (NMT)

  • Define the Train of Four %, Train of Four Count, and Post Tetanic Count measurement

  • Describe Surgical Pleth Index (SPI)

  • Discuss the clinical indications of SPI

  • Explain how SPI may help to assess the nociception- antinociception balance of the patient


The course objectives specifically target nurses. They can also taken by anesthesiologists.


  1. Adequacy of Anesthesia Concept

  2. Entropy

  3. Neuromuscular Transmission

  4. Surgical Pleth Index