12-Lead ECG - Interpretation

This program offers 12-lead ECG interpretation for acutely ill patients.

12-Lead ECG - Interpretation
  • Rs.1,000


This program reviews 12-lead ECG interpretation aimed at nurses and monitor technicians in critical care and progressive care units, emergency departments, and other hospital settings that provide cardiac monitoring for acutely ill patients. Focus is placed on the nurse's role in accurate interpretation and clinical decision-making in a variety of scenarios, including cardiac arrhythmias and axis deviation. Based on research and practice standards, practical information is provided regarding "best practices" for optimal monitoring.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to: 

1. Identify the 12 leads of the standard 12-lead ECG.

2. Locate and describe the characteristics of the limb and precordial leads. 

3. Determine the QRS axis. 

4. Discuss the lead placement for cardiac monitoring.



This course is intended for Nurses.


1. Standard 12-Lead ECG
2. Practice ECGs
3. Limb Leads
4. Determination of QRS Axis
5. Precordial Leads