X-ray: Record Keeping

This training program for technicians help them in record keeping.

X-ray: Record Keeping
  • Rs.500


When any equipment has an identified fault that could compromise patient safety, diagnosis, or treatment. When an operator discovers a fault, error, or unusual operating condition in an equipment, a record of the details must be kept. When equipment has undergone repair, maintenance or modification, a written record must be made, detailing the work performed. A record maintained of such faults facilitates the performance of the necessary corrective maintenance.


After completing this course, you will be able to

  • discuss about record keeping in radiology department; and
  • understand the contents of the record in an x-ray department



This course is recommended for entry level technicians.


  1. Record Keeping is Necessary
  2. Patient Records
  3. Equipment Records
  4. Radiation Incident Records
  5. Records for Radiation Substance Stored or Discharged