X-Ray: Physics and Fundamentals – Part I

This training program prepares a technician with fundamental concepts of X-ray.

X-Ray: Physics and Fundamentals – Part I
  • Rs.1,500


X-Ray technicians, also known as radiologic technicians, produce X-ray images of different parts of the body. They introduce non-radioactive substances into the bloodstream of patients to aid in the diagnosis of specific conditions. This course will help entry-level learners to obtain foundation-level information, which is very important for pursuing the career of an X-ray technician.

This course is the part 1 of X-Ray: Physics and Fundamentals.


After completing this course, you will be able to

  • explain the basics of physics;
  • identify the sources of radiation;
  • describe cell biology; and
  • illustrate the biological effects of radiation.



This course is recommended for entry level technicians.


  1. Basic Concepts of Physics, Part-I
  2. Basic Concepts of Physics, Part-II
  3. Sources of Radiation
  4. Overview of Cell Biology
  5. Biological Effects of Radiation