X-ray: Overview of the Radiology Department

This training program deals with the department of radiology and its subdivisions.

X-ray: Overview of the Radiology Department
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The Radiology Department is one of the most important departments in a hospitals. This department deals with the study and application of imaging technology for diagnosing and treating disease. Radiology is often referred to as the "eye" of medicine. Radiologists, radiology technicians, nurses and other staff form the core of the department.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the functioning of the Radiology department;
  • evaluate the importance and relevance of the radiology department in the present world; and
  • review the various sub-segments of the radiology department


This course is recommended for entry level technicians.


  1. The Radiology Department
  2. Organizational Chart
  3. Modalities used in radiology
  4. Subdivisions of Radiology Department