X-ray: Impact of Exposure Factors on Quality of Radiographs

The main focus of this training program is to study the impact of the exposure factors on quality of X-rays.

Impact of Exposure Factors on Quality of Radiographs
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In radiography, the exposure factors of major concern are the kilovoltage and milli-amperes. The voltage and current provide the power to the X-ray tube to generate the X rays, which penetrate the part of a body to be examined, and forms the image.The various exposure factors need to be adjusted by the radiographer in order to produce images of acceptable image quality. Selection of wrong exposure factors could easily make the difference of an abnormality like a fracture being diagnosed accurately, or a patient receiving more than the required dose. Supply of high voltage and sufficient electric current in the X-ray tube is essential to obtain a diagnostically useful image. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Identify various impact factors in radiograph;

  2. Explain the influence of the impact factors on the radiograph; and 

  3. Identify the exposure values for common radiographic projections.


This course is recommended for entry level technicians.


  1. Impact of Exposure on Radiograph Quality