X-Ray - Artifacts and Film Processing

A training program for technicians to understand the nuances of processing a radiograph.

X-Ray - Artifacts and Film Processing
  • Rs.1,000


What separates a highly skilled X-ray technician from an average one is the knowledge to eliminate the blemishes in the radiograph that may hinder a true diagnosis. 

This course will train you to review the various forms of artifacts caused by the defects in X-ray tube and receptor, defects that are patient related or related to post-processing, and to analyze each artifact and its possible causes. 

This course will also take you through the nuances of film processing, such as the interpretation of X-ray; the layout, structure and design of a darkroom; the functions of illumination and equipment used in a darkroom; the maintenance and cleaning procedures of a darkroom; the storage conditions of a film in a darkroom; the structure and types of film, as well as latent image formation; the conventional processing techniques in detail and the image defects associated therein; the structure, types and importance of intensifying screens; the structure of a film cassette, its significance and its types; and finally the various photographic characteristics involved in determining radiographic image quality.


By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Describe radiographic artifacts.
  • Explain the conventional radiographic film processing and digital radiographic film processing
  • Understand use of magnets and RF coils



This course is intended for entry level X-Ray technicians.


  1. Radiographic Artifacts
  2. Magnets and RF Coils
  3. Conventional Radiographic Film processing
  4. Digital Radiographic Film Processing