US/XR Mammography: Breast Pathology Correlation

A course on breast pathology correlation in mammography

US/XR Mammography: Breast Pathology Correlation
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Millions of women have breast exams every year either by mammography or by ultrasound. The technicians for both mammography or ultrasound would not necessarily know too much about the others modality. This program explores the basics of breast imaging in each modality. In this course we also discuss the pathological findings and how they correlate.




  1. Introduction
  2. Breast Anatomy
  3. Mammography Basics
  4. Ultrasound Basics
  5. Mammographic Findings: Masses
  6. Ultrasound Findings
  7. Mammographic Findings: Calcifications
  8. Ultrasound Doppler
  9. Breast Sonography Certification