RadPract: The Known Unknowns of Everyday Radiology Practice

The Known Unknowns of Everyday Radiology Practice is a comprehensive training program, which answers the questions that Radiologists may have while practicing.

The Known Unknowns of Everyday Radiology Practice
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A one day, instructor-led training program on Radiology that answers your queries on radiation, managing contrast related issues, MRI and pregnancy related issues, statutory compliance, consent, reporting and patient rights, and business of radiology. The faculty speakers for this training are the esteemed and highly qualified, Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, Dr. Akshay Baheti, Dr. Pradeep Srinivasan, and Dr. Uday Patil

They will answer all your queries on

  1. Radiation exposure: substance over hype
  2. Daily Do's and Dont's in CT and MRI: Managing issues related to contrast, pregnancy, metal implants, and so on
  3. Medicolegal and ethical considerations of consent, filming and reporting
  4. Mastering various compliance issues related to AERB and PC-PNDT
Steps for enrollment:

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  2. Our relationship Manager will reach out to you with the details.
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“Radpract is indeed unique with its focused theme. The course is successful in making everyone to think whether we are "overcautious" with the usage of contrast and radiation! This is really an "eye-opener" to the medical community, perhaps facilitating optimal imaging. I wish the team every success!”

  Dr Shyamkumar N Keshava 



  Department of Radiology

  Christian Medical College Hospital

“Whereas most Radiology conferences address the interpretive aspects of radiology (i.e how to make a diagnosis or how to report a study) this pioneering seminar addressed the NON INTERPRETIVE or PRACTICE RELATED issues pertaining to problems faced by Radiologists on a daily basis while either conducting studies or answering patient queries.These are extremely important issues faced by all Radiologists on a daily basis and it was wonderful to be a part of a group addressing these concerns.Issues concerning Radiation related questions from patients / staff members / contrast issues / Regulatory issues etc were discussed in detail during   the seminar. The fact that the audience participated so actively during these sessions --making for an intellectually stimulating atmosphere--only further emphasized   the need for such seminars.

My best wishes to you and team RadPract!”

  Dr Milind Gune, MD, DMRD, DMRE, FICR 

  Consultant Radiologist, Ambarnath (Thane), Maharashtra

  Vice Chairman, Indian College of Radiology & Imaging

  “Few words on the program:

  It covers aspects of Radiology that are not addressed in regular conferences    and CMEs

  It forces you to think.

  It lives up to it's tag line: Questions you had but never asked or received convincing answers.”

  Dr Sridhar Gibikote

  Professor and Head of Dept of Radiology

  CMC Vellore

“Radpract is the one conference that any radiologist, whatever the experience and whatever the modality and subspecialty he or she practices, should attend. All nagging queries of day-to-day Radiology practice are answered here. One of its kind in India. Highly recommended.”

  Dr Aparna Katdare, DMRD, DNB

  Ex Consultant Radiologist

  Jankharia Imaging Center



This course specifically targets radiologists and radiology managers.



Patient radiation questions: Do you know all the answers - Dr. Bhavin Jankharia

Managing Contrast Related Issues
 Contrast induced nephropathy and creatinine cut-offs: Myth or Reality - Dr. Akshay Baheti 
 Contrast reaction & extravasation: Do you know what to do? - Dr. Pradeep Srinavasan 
 MRI and contrast: Are you aware of the current SOPs? - Dr. Akshay Baheti

MRI and Pregnancy-related Issues

 Pacemakers and metal in MRI: What we can and can’t do - Dr.Uday Patil 
 Imaging pregnant and lactating patients: Can you give contrast in a pregnant patient? - Dr. Akshay Baheti

Welcome to the New World of Statutory Compliances
 AERB, PC-PNDT, Indemnity, and Licenses - Dr. Bhavin Jankharia & Dr.Uday Patil

 Consent for CT contrast: Is it needed? - Dr. Akshay Baheti 
 Consent for intervention: How I do it? How to use a check list? - Dr. Bhavin Jankharia

Reporting and Patient Rights
 Can you make changes in reports? What rights do patients have? What is the minimum we should do for patients?- Dr. Bhavin Jankharia 

Business of Radiology
 Radiology Cash Flow – A way to understand radiology business - Dr. Bhavin Jankharia 
 Radiology in 5 Years - Where will we be in 2022? - Dr. Bhavin Jankharia