CT: Basics and Beyond

The fundamentals and basic physics of CT scanner functionality are discussed in this program. We compare the technology of early CT systems to the astonishing models available today as well as explore the evolution, mechanics, and general scan principles used over the past 30 years.

CT: Basics and Beyond
  • Rs.500


This program looks back at the early development of computed tomographic systems and follows the evolutionary path up to current multiple detector systems. You see what these systems look like, how they function, how they impact diagnostic imaging, and what technologists need to know to create diagnostic studies. 

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

 1. Define functionality of the primary components of CT systems.

 2. Recognize the evolution of CT systems based on technical advancements.

 3. Relate the manipulation of CT scan technique to image quality variance.

 4. Identify the physical properties necessary for optimal scanner performance.


The target audience includes CT technologists and CT nurses.


 1. Science

 2. System and Image Quality Elements

 3. Guts and Glory

 4. Recap

 5. The Helical World