Basics of Ultrasound Physics

This training program gives a meaningful insight into ultrasound imaging.

Basics of Ultrasound Physics
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Clinical ultrasound is a mode of medical imaging with a wide array of clinical applications. Clinical applications vary widely by market, by physician. Clinical ultrasound can be the primary imaging modality or used as an adjunct to other imaging tests. 

After completing this program, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the basics of ultrasound physics.


The course objectives specifically target Ultrasound technologists.


  1. Clinical Ultrasound

  2. Advances in Ultrasound

  3. Transducers

  4. Transmission and Reflection of Ultrasound

  5. Frequency, Attenuation, Resolution

  6. Homogenous vs. Heterogenous

  7. Hyperechoic/Echogenic

  8. Artifacts

  9. Shadowing

  10. Enhancement and Image Orientation

  11. Knobology 

  12. ALARA Principle