Basics of Contrast Media

This training program is an introduction to use of contrast media in diagnostic imaging.

Basics of contrast media
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This course is a training program that provides you with an introduction to contrast media. It illustrates the toxicities and tolerability of contrast media along with the safety considerations one should take while using contrast media. 

After completing this course, you will be able to

  1.  Explain contrast media.
  2.  Identify toxicities of contrast media.
  3.  Describe the tolerability of contrast media.
  4.  List safety considerations in the use of contrast media.
  5.  Identify gadolinium based contrast agents.


This course is intended for Radiology technicians.


  1. Introduction to Contrast Media
  2. Toxicities of Contrast Media
  3. Tolerability of Contrast Media
  4. Safety Considerations in the Use of Contrast Media and Management of Adverse Reactions
  5. Gadolinium based contrast agents