Transition from Staff to Management: Tools for a New Leader

This program provides information to assist radiologic technologists who are transitioning into a leadership role.

  • Rs.1,000


The program discusses the differences between managing and leading a staff, and how leaders can effectively communicate with staff and peers.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Define a management role versus a leadership role.

2. Explain leadership qualities needed to move into a leadership role.

3. Describe effective techniques to lead staff and interact with fellow leaders.

4. Identify productive and effective measures to help a department’s success.

5. Describe characteristics of management theory.

6. Describe the evolution of management theory.


This program is meant for leaders, managers, administrators


1. What's the difference?

2. You've been promoted

3. The Transition

4. Communication Skills

5. Now you are a Leader

6. Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma

7. Transitioning from Technologist to Manager

8. Management Theory