Presentation Skills: Captivate and Educate Your Audience

This course will help healthcare providers answer the fundamental questions of how to prepare and deliver a great presentation in the clinical environment.

Presentation Skills: Captivate and Educate Your Audience
  • Rs.2,000


The study of how to give effective speeches dates back to ancient Greece. Around 350 B.C., Aristotle wrote his famous Rhetoric, considered one of the finest formal books on the subject. Now, 2300 years later, we are still struggling with the same problems that the Greeks encountered and that speakers have grappled with throughout the ages. In this course, proven techniques are provided to help you learn the skills needed to give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Assess their skills

2. Plan their presentation

3. Use slides and other visual aids

4. Prepare for presentation

5. Deliver their presentation with energy and composure


This course is targeted at healthcare providers.


1. Assessing the presentation skills

2. Planning the presentation skills

3. Visual Aids

4. Preparation

5. Delivery