This training program aims at understanding pharmocology with respect to human body.

  • Rs.1,500


Pharmocology is a study of drugs that help in binding regulatory molecules and activating the normal body process by diagnosing and treating diseases. Drugs are substances that alter the biological system of living organisms through chemical processes. Drugs are used either for therapeutic purposes or for the elimiation of toxic elements from the body. The study of human body's impact on drugs is referred to as pharmacokinetics and the study of a drug's impact on the human body is call pharmacodynamics.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. define pharmacology;

2. explain how pharmacology affects the human body; and

3. identify and explain the methods of drug administration.


The course objectives specifically target OT and Anesthesia technicians, and other allied healthcare professionals


1. Definition & when it is needed

2. How it affects the human body

3. Methods of administration (Enteral & Parenteral)

4. Types of pharmacologic measures (IV fluids, blood and components of blood, medicines)

5. Types of medicines (Analgesics, antipyretics, antibiotics, disinfectants, and anesthetic agents)

6. When each type of measure is needed and how it is used