This training program gives a detailed description of pathologies from a technician's perspective.

  • Rs.1,500


Pathology is the branch of science, which studies the abnormalities that arise in normal anatomy and physiology as an after-effect of a disease. The changes occur in tissues and cells of human body as a result of diseases called lesions. Pathologic changes can be recognized with the naked eye or by microscopic examination of tissues. The largest branch of pathology is human pathology.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

1. classify various pathological disorders; and

2. explain the methods to manage different types pathological disorders.


The course objectives specifically target OT and Anesthesia technicians, and other allied healthcare professionals


1. General Pathological Disorders

2. Infections

3. Neoplastic disorders

4. Cystic disorders

5. Degenerative disorders

6. Metabolic and endocrine disorders

7. Specific Pathological Disorders

8. Cytological or Histopathological disorders

9. Cardiovascular and respiratory disorders (systemic pathology)

10. Digestive and hepatobiliary disorders

11. Urinary and reproductive disorders

12. Musculoskeletal and nervous disorders