Conflict Management: Resolve Disagreement at Work

This course will provide information for clinicians, nurses and healthcare personnel in how to manage conflict in the healthcare environment.

Conflict Management: Resolve Disagreement at Work
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Managing disagreement constructively is central to personal satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. Skill in dealing with interpersonal differences can enrich your work, deepen your relationships, marshal commitment to needed change, build mutual trust, and advance your career.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Catch disagreement before it escalates into dysfunctional conflict.

2. Replace habitual styles of handling differences with a strategic approach.

3. Honor the legitimate interests of others.

4. Creatively integrate diverse views so they are responsive to mutual concerns.

5. Utilize disagreements as opportunities for learning.


This course is specifically targeted at healthcare professionals.


1. Foundation

2. Explore

3. Plan

4. Implement

5. Follow Through