Communicate Clearly and Convincingly

This interactive training program helps healthcare professionals to refine their skill to communicate clearly and convincingly.

Communicate Clearly and Convincingly
  • Rs.1,000


The ability to think rapidly on your feet and speak persuasively and intelligently is a skill most people want to develop. This course was developed for healthcare professionals who would like to communicate clearly and convincingly. Learn to express yourself admirably in any situation, and learn how to say what you mean.


By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:: 

1. Communicate effectively with patients, colleagues and families.

2. Utilize communication techniques for successful interviews. 

3. Speak effectively in front of an audience. 

4. Confidently handle and answer difficult questions.

5. Express confidence when interacting with others.


This course can also be taken by Managers, Supervisors, Nurses, and Healthcare Providers.


  1. Being Interviewed
  2. Communicating with Colleagues
  3. Speaking before an Audience
  4. Handling Difficult Questions
  5. Developing Confidence