Change Management: Leading People through Change

This training gives an insight into change management.

Change Management: Leading People through Change
  • Rs.3,000


Change is an everyday reality in the healthcare environment, and the responsibility for making it work falls to managers and supervisors who must respond creatively as a change leader to build a motivated and productive group. With the skills learned in this course, your own common sense and judgment, you will find that you are well-equipped to be a change leader for your organization.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Recognize your role to lead in the changing workplace.

2. Develop a vision with your group.

3. Lead organizational culture change.

4. Prepare and manage people through change.

5. Deal with individual and group resistance.

6. Negotiate new work arrangements.

7. Identify common pitfalls.


This training is specifically targeted at technicians and healthcare professionals.


1. Facing change

2. Understanding change

3. Leading change

4. Taking control