Accelerating Change Leadership

This program provides an overview of the Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Model.

Accelerating Change Leadership
  • Rs.4,000


The change acceleration model (CAP) is based on the concept that leaders recognize opportunities for change and want to make change. This program provides an indepth insight on CAP with examples.

By the end of this program, the participant should be able to:

1. Discuss the CAP model as an effective approach to use when leading change.

2. Describe the difference between change management and change leadership.

3. Recognize CAP tools to use in practice.

4. Identify healthcare-related topics to consider for improvement using CAP methodology.

5. List the steps to form a team to use CAP.

6. Recognize the levels of change leadership awareness.

7. Locate more information about the CAP model.


This program specifically targets managers and administrators. Other healthcare professionals and administrators may also benefit from viewing this program.


1. Change Acceleration (CAP) Model

2. Change Management and Change Leadership

3. Change Leadership: Using CAP Tools

4. Healthcare Topics for Improvement

5. Working with Colleagues

6. Levels of CAP Awareness / Conclusion