OT Technician: Surgical Procedures

This training program helps a OT technician understand how to prepare an OR for various surgical procedures.

OT Technician: Surgical Procedures
  • Rs.2,500


Surgical procedures are an essential component of healthcare. Usually, surgeries are recommended by doctors to diagnose, investigate, and treat diseases. The operating room technicians should follow some universal principles and basic precautions to keep the operating room disinfected and the patient safe. The high susceptibility of patients to infections makes the preparations and procedures that need to be followed an important topic of discussion. Washing hands, safe disposal of waste, sterilization of instruments, and the use of disinfecting gloves are some of the universal precautions taken in the surgical room.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Describe the preparation and procedure for common surgical procedures.

2. Describe the preparation and procedure for complex surgical procedures.


The course objectives specifically target OT and other healthcare professionals


1. Common Surgical Procedures: Introduction

2. Surgery for general surgical procedures (preparation and procedure)

3. Surgery for neoplastic and cystic disorders (preparation and procedure)

4. Surgery for gastrointestinal disorders (preparation and procedure)

5. Complex Surgical Procedures: Introduction