OT Technician: Surgical Operations - An Introduction

This course is especially meant for OT technicians and deals with keeping the operating room surgery ready.

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Surgical practices or procedures refer to invasive methods employed to treat a given condition. These methods could be connected to different parts of the body,they could be major or minor, planned or unplanned surgeries. Surgical practice requires the patient and the person performing the surgery to be adaptive to different situations during the surgical procedure.

The person performing the procedure should be knowledgeable and skilled in the different aspects of surgical practice. This is of great importance as the patient's treatment and recovery depend largely on the person performing the procedure. Some of the types of surgeries performed are diagnostic, palliative, curative, and emergency surgeries.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Identify the different types of equipment needed to maintain a surgical theater.

2. Describe the procedure to prepare and maintain the equipment needed for surgical procedures.

3. Describe the procedure to prepare and maintain the equipment needed in an operation theater.

4. Describe the procedure to prepare and maintain medical and diagnostic supplies.


The course objectives specifically target OT technicians, and other healthcare professionals


1. Introduction to surgical practice

2. List and describe the usage of basic surgical equipment

3. Prepare and maintain operation theater (2601)

4. Maintain equipment support in an acute care environment(2602)

5. Manage and maintain theater equipment (2605)

6. Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies(9602)

7. Types of surgery: Introduction

8. Types of surgeries and when they are required