Basics of Anesthetics

This training program provides a indepth insight into the basics of anesthesia.

Basics of Anesthetics
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The absence or lack of sensation is called anesthesia. It involves total or partial loss of feeling. Anesthesia is administered prior to medical treatment or surgery.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Identify the need for anesthetics.

2. Determine the situations when anesthesia should be given.

3. Explain the minimum standards for administering anesthetics.

4. Determine the precautions and emergency management steps before and after administering anesthetics.


The course objectives specifically target OT and Anesthesia technicians.


1. Anesthesia: Definition

2. Need for anesthesia

3. When should anesthesia be given or not given

4. Who should give anesthesia

5. Patient assessment and preparation

6. Checking the drugs and equipment

7. Keeping the airway clear

8. Be ready to control ventilation

9. Monitor pulse and BP

10. Monitoring patients before and after administering anesthetic drugs (need, duration, and emergency signs)

11. Emergency management to clear airway

12. Provide critical care