AT Technician: Administering Anesthesia - Introduction

This training program focuses on providing vital information on anesthesia to technicians.

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Anethesia is a vital part of pre-surgical procedure. Dosage of anesthesia depends upon the period and duration of surgery. Therefore, the process of administering anethesia should be carried out carefully.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

1. Explain the pre-surgical procedures to prepare the patient and equipment for administering anesthesia.

2. Describe the methods for preparing the room for administering anesthesia.

3. Describe the medicines and their usage for administering anesthesia.

4. Explain the steps for monitoring a patient before and after administering anesthesia.

5. Describe the steps for managing anesthesia equipment-related emergencies.

6. Describe the steps for managing anesthesia equipment complications.


The course objectives specifically target Anesthesia technicians, and other healthcare professionals


1. Pre-Surgical Procedures

2. Room Preparation

3. Administering Anesthetic Medicines

4. Patient Monitoring

5. Managing Equipment-Related Emergencies

6. Managing Anesthesia Equipment Complications