ECG Basics for Physician's

A program aimed at Physicians to help develop knowledge of basic ECG principles and interpreting normal and abnormal scans.

ECG Basics for Physician's
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This program is a comprehensive study on ECG for the first time learner. It covers in detail cardiac impulses and blood circulation, the basics of ECG and ECG recording, the ECG waveforms and their variations, ECG leads, and ECG reading. Then the program goes in depth and helps physicians identify various ECG changes such as sinus dysfunction, AV node dysfunction, premature beats, atrial abnormalities, ventricular hypertrophy, bundle branch block, interventricular conduction delays, coronary vasculature, and ECG changes during coronary conditions, location of myocardial infarction, and non–MI causes of ST segment abnormalities. This program also includes ECG recordings during various conditions such as effect of exercise on ECG and the effect of chemicals on ECG.  Finally, it includes information on how to recognize and monitor problems occurring while taking ECG scans.



This course is intended for physicians and cardiologists.


  1. Cardiac Anatomy and ECG Basics
  2. ECG Changes
  3. ECG Recordings in Various Conditions
  4. Troubleshooting ECG Problems