Basics of Echocardiography

A fundamental training program that will describe in detail the basics of echocardiography.

Basics of Echocardiography
  • Rs.3,000


Ultrasound energy is the basis of Echocardiography, which is used in diagnosing cardiac anomalies. This course will take you through the basic principles of Echocardiography and normal cardiac anatomy.This will give you an idea of scanning sequences and multiple views of scanning. During the course of this training, you will come to know about 2D echo and Doppler assessment of systolic function, the assessment of diastolic function, the echocardiographic assessment of hemodynamic flow, and the echocardiographic assessment of valvular and pericardial diseases.


After completing this course, you will be able to

  1. Describe the basic principles of echocardiography
  2. Identify the normal cardiac anatomy and examination
  3. Explain the 2D echo assessment of systolic function
  4. Illustrate the 3D echo assessment of systolic function 
  5. Assess the diastolic function, hymodynamic flow 
  6. List the valvular and pericardial diseases.


*This course is being offered free of charge during the trial period.


This course is intended for physician/cardiologist.


  1. Module 1: Basic Principles of Echocardiography
  2. Module 2: Normal Cardiac Anatomy and Examination
  3. Module 3: 2D Echo Assessment of Systolic Function
  4. Module 4: 3D Echo Assessment of Systolic Function
  5. Module 5: Assessment of Diastolic Function
  6. Module 6: Echocardiographic Assessment of Hemodynamic Flow
  7. Module 7: Echocardiographic Assessment of Valvular and Pericardial Diseases